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Three Tips For These Spanish Destinations

Delicious food, spirited fiestas and beautiful beaches all make Spain quite possibly the world's most bucket-listed destination. Spain is made up of several self-governing regions and lands, making it a melting pot of European cultures. Here are the top six cities to visit in Spain:


This city has a mix of all the highlights one must do while in Southern Spain. The pure beauty draws you here, and a sparkling atmosphere makes you want to come back. Seville is famous worldwide for its unique and energetic celebrations. Take a day to wander leisurely about the colorful and lively open-air markets that are beloved in Spain. Treat yourself to the peculiar trinkets that you're bound to discover.

As the moon rises, so does the Seville nightlife. From dusk till dawn get swept away by the rhythm of Flamenco beats. Very popular in Spain, Flamenco is a musician's expression of joy and sorrow in life.

Seville Spain


Barcelona houses one of Spain’s busiest ports and is also the capital of Catalonia. Barcelona is home to Las Ramblas, Spain’s largest medieval center, a must-see for history lovers. The city’s heart is the Gothic Quarter, which dates back to AD 14 and the time of Romans. Barcelona has recently become famous for its elegant and modern aura despite its ancient roots.

The shopping districts are full of expensive and trendy stores, and designer fashion frequents the streets. Get immersed in world culture at the Festival del Grec, a summer showcase of international music and theater.  Book early because this is a well-known and popular event in Spain.


Located in the middle of the country, Madrid is Spain's capital and home to over three million people.  Madrid’s powerful energy is undeniable with a constant bustle of people and artistic vibes flowing through the air.  Madrid is the epicenter of traditional bullfights, but be aware these shows are not for small children (or animal lovers!).  

Madrid Spain

If you prefer a more relaxed activity, visit Madrid’s universally known art museums or sip an espresso outdoors while listening to sensual strums of a street performer with a Spanish guitar. Located next door to Prado museum, take a few hours to stroll through one of Spain’s most loved botanical gardens that features over 30,000 different kinds of trees and plants. At dusk, take the time to explore around  the Malasana area where you’ll find a variety of live music and filling cultural dishes.


Currently, the trendiest and most youthful city in Spain, Granada was once the center of Renaissance growth and development. Explore the city's winding one-way streets and soak in the history that literally pours out from the architecture. Enter the El Banuelos and you'll see impressive star-shaped openings lining the ceiling of this well-preserved 11th century Moorish bath house. Just down the road you'll find a 9th-century palace named Alhambra which is an inviting destination for visitors to Granada. The fortress is an eye-catching crimson red and sits on La Sambica hill, demanding your attention.

Granada Spain

San Sebastian

Uniquely located on a shell-shaped bay, San Sebastian is the most expensive and fashionable of Spain’s seaside cities. The city is well-known for its summer music and art festivals. San Sebastian’s alluring age-old center, called the Parte Vieja, sits between the Bay of Biscay and the river Urumea. The cities heart and old town center is called Plaza de la Constitucion, a town square with climbing vines and boldly colored shutters. Walk through one of Spain’s best local fish markets and experience a fun and frantic open air market of sellers offering the freshest catch of the day.

San Sebastian Spain


Malaga is the second largest city in Andalucia and nearly the oldest city in the world. Built around the 8th century, Malaga is a very stylish industrial town with a well-preserved ancient city center. Spain’s most famous painter, Pablo Picasso was from Malaga, and you can see his finest works displayed at Museo Picasso. Majestically placed on a hillside overlooking the skyline, you can’t miss the dominating force of the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle. Built in the 11th century, it's known as the best-preserved fort of its kind in Spain. If you brave the stairs and visit the castle, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Malaga sprawled out before you. To experience a truly local activity don’t leave town until you stop by Mercado de Atarazanas, a local outdoor food market that sells seasonal fruits and treats commonly eaten in Spain.


Located In the country's Northwest corner, Galicia is undoubtedly Spain’s greenest region. With many sandy beaches, emerald rolling hills and delicious seafood, Galicia is Spain’s lesser known gem which could be your personal getaway. Traveling through this region’s countryside is the best way to have a rejuvenating and peaceful vacation. Far from Spain’s big city noises, spend hours in soothing Spanish nature or exploring the quiet medieval ruins spread across this area.

Galacia Spain

Travel Tips

  • Be aware of scams in Spain’s large cities, including unexpected offers to help with bags or deals that are “free.” Never leave your purse or luggage unattended, and travel at night only in well-lit areas.

  • If you are traveling in Spain with a small budget for food, then Tapas are a blessing. Tapas are a variety of appetizers or sandwiches that are filling and cost between $4-8 USD.

  • Spain’s trains are fast, but expensive, costing you between $60-150 USD; if you are budgeting then take the city bus that only costs $2-3 USD per trip.

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