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The Perfect 3 City European Tour

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If you only have a week or week and a half to explore the best of Europe, here’s one itinerary that’s sure to please.

Paris France

Paris is a city of delights. Her elegance and romance are truly a feast for your senses and her cultural savoir-faire emanates throughout this city at the top of most travelers’ wish list. Fly into Paris and take a cab to the bohemian village of Montmartre (the neighborhood where Amelie was filmed). Also known as the 18th arrondissement, this charming and bohemian neighborhood is a great place to stay. Consider booking an apartment vacation rental as this city is expensive and apartments for short-term lets are lovely. The website “Go with Oh” is a great place to find your perfect Parisian apartment in Montmartre for a surprisingly reasonable price.

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Cafes and brasseries are all around this neighborhood, as are some of the best bakeries in the city. Consider cooking in your Parisian kitchen a time or two and whiling away an afternoon in one of the local cafes while sipping on cafe au laits or kirs while penning postcards. On your itinerary, be sure to see Le Tour Eiffel, Le Moulin Rouge, Jardin du Luxembourg, Les Tuileries, Notre Dame, Versaille (this would take up the better part of the day), and the Louvre. However, you’re only here for a few days. That said, walking the streets while intermittently stopping in cafes to eat and drink is really the best way to get a feel for the city. Paris is a walkable place. Do wear comfortable shoes.

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From Paris, you’ll fly to Rome. There are many discount airlines like Ryan Air and Easy Jet that will take you from European city to European city on a dime. Just book ahead.

Rome Italy

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Like Paris, Rome is a feast for the senses, too. Vespas, buses, cute Italian cars and hoards of tourist take to the streets every day. Rome is a living, breathing theatrical spectacle and may just be the most fascinating city in the world. Why? Because it’s so full of life! Piazzas, pizza, palaces, museums, basilicas, churches - layers and layers of history live together under the Roman sun, which shines like a beacon from the heavens on Rome, as it does into the Pantheon’s oculus.

Rome Packages

Once the heart of the mighty Roman Empire, Rome is still the seat of the papacy today. Vatican City, technically its own country is situated just across from Rome’s Centro Storico, on the banks of the Tiber River. St. Peter’s Basilica is massive and you’ll want to dress like a pilgrim when you come here - (no bare shoulders or knees allowed) - and the crowds can be overwhelming, so be prepared. The Vatican Museums hold the largest art collection on earth. They are not to be missed.

Rome Activities

Rome’s food scene is one of the best in the world. Its wine bars are becoming more and more popular, too. These enoteche are part wine bar, part restaurant. You get to sample great wines and nibble on Roman goodies.

Enoteca Il Goccetto is one of the first wine bars opened in Rome and it’s housed in a tiny building built in 1527. The wines by the glass are reasonably priced (3 euros 50) and the cold buffet of cheeses and cured meats are the perfect accompaniment.

Mimi e Coco wine bar is housed in a former bishop’s palace. Carbonara, pizza margherita, crostini and salads grace the menu, along with a lovely variety of wines to taste. This is place is perfect for a candlelit dinner for two. For a once-in-a-lifetime enoteca experience, Casa Bleve is Rome’s most elegant wine bar. Zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta and hazelnuts, turkey rolls topped with truffles, roasted peppers stuffed with salmon mousse - these are just a few of the Lucullan delights found at Casa Bleve.

Rome Dining Guide

When you land in Rome, you’ll head straight to the Trastevere neighborhood. You’ll find this artsy neighborhood on the West Bank of the Tiber River, just south of Vatican City. Here you’ll want to look into renting an apartment as well. Check out Widmu or Airbnb. Again, we are living like a local in this neighborhood and you will find no shortage of local wine bars and restaurants, perfect for settling in and dining like a Roman

From Rome, fly to Dublin.

Dublin Ireland

Affordable Dublin Vacations

Be sure to visit the Chester Beatty library where you’ll find rows and rows of books, ancient manuscripts, and other fascinating collections of the written word. The National Museum is another of Dublin’s treasures, where Irish archaeology, history and varied works of art will stir your senses and scintillate the intellect. Lost in imagination, you won’t have to operate a vehicle here because  the world-class tramway system is the perfect way to get about this vibrant city set along the shores of Dublin Bay. No need for a rental car. Good thing for the cleanliness of Ireland’s natural habitat - for one-third of the entire population resides in or around Dublin. There’s so much to see here it’s a good thing the city’s many pubs will help you relax when you feel your head might spin. The Stag’s Head is a classic, located near Trinity College. It’s even been featured in films and in a series of postage stamps.

Top 5 Dublin Activities

There’s a 2-hour literary themed pub crawl which begins at the Duke Pub on Duke Street. You’ll be entertained by actors and actresses reciting from works of Irish literary greats while pushing back a few pints. Wear some comfortable shoes as this is a walking tour and be sure to brush up on your literature. (There’s a literary quiz with prizes!)

Where To Enjoy A Guinness In Dublin

For fine dining in Dublin, take your travel companions to The Pig’s Ear, which looks out over the playing fields of Trinity College. The Pig’s Ear is formal, so dress well. It’s known the world over for its innovative take on traditional Irish cooking. Eat a la carte or enjoy three-course meals. A slow-cooked shepherd’s pie and a maple glazed pig’s belly are two main course favorites. The 4-star Granville Hotel is a fine option in a reasonably-priced hotel accommodation. It’s housed in a cozy 18th-century building - one of the oldest in all of Ireland. For breakfast, the organic porridge with Bailey’s is a hit. Don’t you just love this country?

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You could spend your entire vacation just exploring Dublin and its environs. However, there’s more to the country than castles, pubs, museums, cathedrals, Georgian squares and cutting-edge street architecture. There’s a whole other world beyond Dublin filled with myth, mystery and music. For a day-trip from Dublin, take a guided day-trip to Glendalough, there are tour companies that offer such excursions. In a full 9-hour day, you can explore castles in Kilkenny and the wonders of Glendalough while being educated and inspired by a knowledgable tour guide. Traveling by luxury coach makes it easier to relax and take in all the Irish splendor.

Happy Travels!


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    Rating: 5 stars Submitted 4 years ago

    It is a romantic scenery in France that touches the heart of the most heartless. If a man bends down to tie his shoe in front if his girlfriend the point will be wrongly made. It's love in disguise of beauty of the culture, art, music, and architecture. J'aime la France parce que c'est amouresue est tres tres beau! However Italy is just as easily the greatest place to visit by far. Italy and it's great course meals and beautiful architecture and culture. It's a rich vibe in the beautiful scenery of the archs incorporated center. Ireland's gr@#$*! field s are beautiful with magnificent places to hike and travel to, where there is richness in history and p@#$*!ion in the biodiversity. It's great if you travel to these places with fun people because the greatest part of the enjoyment is sharing these precious instances.

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  • Emmanuel Mathioudaki
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    not bad!

    Rating: 4 stars Submitted 4 years ago

    I had a good time, but I prefer Greece!

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