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A sultry breeze against the unmistakable aqua splendor of the Caribbean Sea

Cancun Beaches

Not many cities are a top destination for both adventure seekers and laid back travelers who would prefer to relax on sandy beaches, Cancun is one of the few. With luxurious white sand and baby blue Caribbean water, the spots to just lay on the beach and watch the day go by are endless. On the other hand, theruins of Chichen Itza fulfill the passions of even the most seasoned explorers. Here are some of the most popular Cancun destinations:

Xplor Park

With an impressive claim as one of the only natural adventure parks in the world, Xplor Park has filled it's grounds with activities that you will surely find on your bucket list. With 14 equally impressive zip line routes, no matter which you choose, the majesty and mystery of the jungle will be beneath your feet, as you soar over. After exploring new heights, you can take a dip to cool down in the rivers beneath the jungle.

Xplor Park Cancun Mexico


Full of alluring stalactites and stalagmites on the cavern ceilings, as you float in the calm water's looking up, you're sure to be filled with wonder and awe at the one-of-a-kind vision before you. Once you dry off, you'll receive a mug of their famous Mayan style hot chocolate, full of many antioxidants and health benefits. To get your blood pumping once more, you can race through the jungles on amphibious vehicles and explore the ancient on site caves. As the day winds down ,visit the buffet style restaurant, offering a variety of fresh fruit smoothies and juices to recuperate after a long day of adventure.


Playa Caracol & Punta Cancun

This is the traditional Cancun and Caribbean experience, with sandy white beaches and palms swaying in the wind. The crystal blue water stretches before you for miles. This beach is perfect for the family traveling with small children, since this is one of the shallowest beaches in the Cancun area. When the ocean scenery has lulled you into a state of utter relaxation, walk through the commercial center and pick up those souvenirs you promised to bring back home. No matter what your shopping needs are, they can be fulfilled in this popular and prosperous area of Cancun.

Playa Caracol Cancun Mexico

Chichen Itza

For the vacationer who has seen Indiana Jones, live your own movie worthy adventure by exploring the archaeological site of Chichen Itza. Once the capital of the Mayan Empire, the ruins reveal ancient secrets that you can discover on the informative guided tour of the ruins. Impressively located on the edge of the Caribbean sea, you will be taken through an archaeological zone like none other on Earth. Many visitors to Cancun, book return trips simply to revisit Chichen Itza and behold its mystical beauty once more. This Cancun destination is truly a place that everyone must travel to at least once in their lifetime.

Chichen Itza Cancun Mexico

Gran Cenote Island Caverns

This large Cenote, a name that translates to "Sacred Well", is one of the top ranking pleasure dive and snorkel destinations in the world. Earth-formed more than 6,500 years ago, people have only been exploring the waters here for 20 years. Diving beneath the surface into the fiercely turquoise depths, the majesty of the stalactites and stalagmites in the deep Cenotes will leave you breathless. If you do not wish to dive, a similarly enjoyable experience will be had snorkeling. Here you will swim about on the surface of water, surrounded by tropical fish of all shapes and sizes. A simple peek beneath the water's surface will expose the magnificent cavern walls. This Cancun location is very family friendly. Your guides will pair you in small groups of 4 with them and everyone will be equipped with a variety of safety gear.

Gran Cenote Caverns Cancun Mexico

San Miguelito Beach

If you wish to explore both beaches and the ruins in the same outing, San Miguelito Beach is the Cancun destination for you. With calm shores and very few crowds, adults and children alike will find comfort on this beaches sand. But the adventure will be just around the corner as it often is in Cancun. Visible on cliffs right above the beach, the San Miguelito ruins are a lesser known archaeological gem. Perfectly preserved in the middle of a luxury resort district, you will love the old time feel of these ruins in a modern world.

cancun mexico san miguelito

Crococun Zoo

Picture this one as your tropical style African safari. This wildlife conservationist project was once a crocodile farm. Today their mission is to inspire a passion and love for wildlife and nature. The mission of the park most certainly delivers. With a 75 minute guided tour, the guides are knowledgeable and friendly. You are even given the opportunity to hold and touch: crocodiles, spider monkeys, deer, snakes and countless other jungle animals.

Crococun Zoo Cancun Mexico

Traveling To Cancun

The nearest major airport is found directly in Cancun. Cancun International (CUN) offers a variety of direct flights to and from cities in North America and Europe.

Tips While Abroad

  • While Cancun is full of friendly and curious locals you will sometimes be approached by time-share recruiters. They will give you promises of "Free" tours when in actuality there is a catch. Make sure to hash over all the details before signing up.

  • Ask your cabbie about the fare before getting in the taxi. In busy locations drivers will sometimes attempt to charge you too much. Make sure you clarify their rates before departing and know the proper money conversions.

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