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If Drunks Could Fly, Cabo Would Be An Airport

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, a quirky Mexican beach town on the Pacific, has an unforgettable offbeat charm. When you experience the place, you’ll catch the drift. But only if you keep your sombrero on straight. Like other Mexican resort towns, the tequila flows freely and your neighbors refuse to give a damn. Hangovers are the norm and absurd travel moments come as disproportionately as the cervesas. While the town itself may be curiously kitschy, Cabo’s beaches are the stuff postcards are made of. The surrounding countryside ain’t bad either. Cabo should be on every traveler’s bucket list - for the good, the bad and even the ugly.

Resort style in Cabo San Lucas

The Good

But first, the good. If you’ve ever seen paintings or photos of Cabo San Lucas, you’ve probably seen the arches of El Arco and its playa del amour, also known as Land’s End. You’ll probably agree that this geological site is Cabo’s most beautiful, an arch-like natural feature that fills up with the tide. You can rent a kayak from the main shore and row out to sea. Take heed, though. With the crashing waves it’s sometimes difficult to exit Lover’s Beach. Be careful not to knock yourself out with an oar as you row madly against the waves. On one end, the Pacific, on the other, the Sea of Cortez. It’s a romantic site to see and you can sunbathe with your lover on play del amour, this sexy strip of land accessible only by kayak or fishing boat. Pack a lunch and make an afternoon of it. Ask your fisherman to pick you up before sunset and carry on back to town as the the sun makes its descent into the deep, blue ocean.

Kayaking in Cabo San Lucas

Chileno Beach

For snorkeling, Chileno Beach, nine-miles east of town, along the Corridor Highway is the place to get wet and take to the fishes. The waters here are shallow and calm while its beach is surprisingly clean. Be sure to pack your food and drink as this place is off the beaten path but a perfect spot to escape the noisy hustle and bustle of Cabo. Travel here by bus or rental car.

Chileno Beach, Cabo San Lucas

Whale Watching

Whale watching off the Baja Peninsula is a mammal-lover’s treat. It happens as early as October and as late as March. This annual migration of gray and blue whales puts a traveler in primordial touch with nature’s circadian rhythm. Whale watching tours usually last for 3-4 hours. You may only see fins passing over the horizon or perhaps good fortune will shine upon you as you get up close and personal with the 50-foot whale. Lowering expectations on these tours is always a good way to go. If you get lucky, it’s simply icing on the cake!

Whale watching in Cabo San Lucas

Dining Out

For an authentic Mexican meal in a tourist center like Cabo San Lucas, head to Mi Casa Restaurant, located across from Cabo’s town plaza. This festive place serves up tamales, baby octopus, empanadas, burritos, lobster soups, fresh catches of the day, regional specialties and traditional Mexican desserts sure to please any grumbling tummy. Mariachi bands and margaritas awaken your spirits while the wildly colorful decor makes for a complete feast for the senses.

Cabo San Lucas Restaurants  

The Bad

If dancing on tables while waiters chase you down to quench your thirst with shots of tequila is your idea of a good time, then Cabo Wabo is your club. Billed as the place where “the land ends and the party begins,” you’re sure to move your body and lose your mind amongst the merry revelers seeking to let loose and lose it all. Live bands, DJs, a rooftop bar, dinner, cervesas, disproportionate amounts of tequila - the party doesn’t stop until around 2am when you finally stumble back to your place of rest. It’s a little hard to believe Cabo San Lucas used to be a tranquil fishing village.

Cabo Wabo Cantina

If you wake the next morning with that all-too-familiar hangover, don’t despair. Under the umbrella of Mexican cuisine, hangover cures are plentiful. Make your way to Lolita’s Restaurant for the best chilaquiles in town. (These are tortilla strips with beans, cheese, hot sauce and two eggs over easy.) The huevos rancheros are said to be stellar as well.

Cabo San Lucas Cuisine

The Ugly

If Cabo Wabo wasn’t enough, El Squid Roe is the be all and end all to your land’s end nightlife experience. “I drink, therefore I am,” is the cartoonish den of kitschy sin’s motto, so be prepared to let it all hang out. At El Squid Roe and Billy Kitchen, scantily-clad waiters dance on tables. Conga lines lines snake along to the pulsation of vibrating beats; yard-long beers glow in neon greens, reds and blues. There’s even a “wall of shame” filled with photos of revelers up to no good. If you’re the bookish type of traveler or simply want to people-watch because you must fly out the next morning and desperately need to skip the terrible hangover, you’re welcome here too. Focus on the food - basic Mexican tourist fare. Sip on your water with lemon, and be grateful you’ll be feeling like yourself the next morning.

El Squid Roe: Cabo San Lucas nightlife

All joking aside, Cabo San Lucas is a fun, sand-filled adventure for those looking to lose a bit of inhibition and unwind on a sunny beach in Mexico. At trip here with your family or loved on is sure to be one memorable travel experience.

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    My favorite destination in Mexico. Great beach and relatively close to the big cities like Guadalajara!

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