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Go To Heaven If You Like, I'd Rather Stay In Bermuda - Mark Twain


Surrounded by mystery, these elusive and beautiful islands lovingly nicknamed “Jewel of the Atlantic” and are a popular destination for those seeking a luxurious escape. Bermuda’s won countless travelers choice awards and is a famously romantic Honeymoon destination. The Bermuda islands have claimed the hearts of many travelers, including Mark Twain, who famously claimed “You go to heaven if you want - I'd rather stay here in Bermuda.”

Here’s a list of  Bermuda’s must see destinations: 

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Life is bliss at this famous crescent-shaped beach stretch of pastel pink sand and clear blue water. Bermuda’s most popular beach offers volleyball tournaments and lifeguard protected swimming; perfect for those moments when you aren't lounging on its inviting shore. Bordered with sand dunes and overlooked by sandstone cliffs- Horseshoe, is a must see for every Bermuda visitor. 

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda

St. Peter's Church

Bermuda’s acclaimed St Peter’s Church is the oldest Anglican worship center found in the Western Hemisphere. A blend of tranquility, remarkable history and sweet island vibes are what await you at St Peters. This church has been rebuilt and added to many times since its original construction in 1612. This sacred space is where locals have been coming and worshipping at for centuries. Come and marvel at the abundance of architectural styles that piece together this treasure of Bermuda. 

St. Peters Church Bermuda

Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum & Zoo

Three of Bermuda’s most popular activities are all in one location: The Zoo, The Museum, and The Aquarium. The Bermuda aquarium is known worldwide for its 140,000-gallon “North Rock” tank, the first living coral reef exhibit ever! Children will adore this interactive aquarium which offers opportunities to touch a variety of colorful marine life. When done with the fishies, walk next door to Bermuda’s charming Natural History Museum. Through a series of highly informed exhibits and animated films, you’ll learn all about Bermuda’s seascapes and landforms. The museum’s exit leads right to the Zoo, a favorite of visiting kiddos. Explore the Zoo grounds and don’t be surprised if a monkey hops right up on your shoulder.  Unlike other Zoos, some exhibits here don’t separate you from the animals! Enjoy this rare chance to hold some tropical critters up close.

bermuda zoo natural musuem

Blue Hole Park

12 acres of winding trails leading you to a variety of attractions, Bermuda’s Blue Hole Park is a one of a kind adventure. From caves with crystal formations to natural pools this wild reserve is unique in its offered scenery. Witness the underground splendor of Causeway Cave. The renowned cave is unique because it’s made entirely of limestone! Another park treasure is a mangrove pond called the Blue Hole. It’s a 30 foot deep, sunken cave with marvelously clear turquoise water and wild tropical fish noticeable at the bottom. Be sure to visit and soak in the surreal sights available in this Bermuda park.

blue hole park bermuda

Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

Gloriously looking down and basking Church Street in it's magnificence, Bermuda Cathedral is a place like no other. Built from Bermuda Limestone in the gothic revival style, this cathedral is beloved by its proud locals. The church is special because it’s not just a pretty site; it is well-known for important religious and social Bermuda history. Open every day all week stop by and take a tour of Bermuda’s holiest landmark. 

Bermuda Cathedral

Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Bermuda’s most famous and illustrious natural site, called Crystal Cave is a magnificent place to see. Many Bermuda guidebooks refer to them as “Bermuda’s Oldest Living Treasure” and rightly so. This dramatic limestone formation is a favorite site with visiting photographers. To see the luminous caves you must descend 120 feet underground. When standing on the cave’s walk-through pontoon bridge, the cave ceiling above you is overgrown with dazzling stalactites. Similarly, the lake below you called Cahow Lake shines with stalagmites that rise curiously from the sandy bottom. Legend has it that each drop of water that falls on you (called a 'cave kiss') will bring you good luck.  To the right of Crystal Caves you’ll find the equally stunning Fantasy Cave. The Fantasy Caves are home to an incredibly rare cluster of soda straw formations that adorn the cave ceilings like chandeliers. Many walls here look like frozen waterfalls because they’re covered with special calcite mineral deposits.

Bermuda Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Dolphin Quest

Dolphin Quest Bermuda, located at the notable Bermuda Maritime Museum is a dolphin lover’s paradise, offering an intimate experience to swim with real dolphins! Adored by kids and parents alike, it’s a thrill for everyone to jump in with the ocean’s most beloved mammal. Time will slip by as you play, let worries go, and share laughs with your loved ones.

Bermuda Dolphin Quest

Essential Tips

•    Bermudians tend to dress more formally than most Americans. So its best to pack accordingly. Upscale dinner restaurants require men to wear a tie and jacket and for women to dress comparably. 
•    Bermuda has an excellent public transport system. Their bus systems extend across the entire island. To save yourself, a substantial amount of money buy the cheap, week long pass instead of paying for expensive taxis. 
•    The Bermudian dollar is equal to the US dollar, and almost everyone will accept your American dollars as payment.


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